The Daily Shot Brief – September 14th, 2023



The Eurozone: Money supply continues to contract, driven by weak bank credit and a shift to long-term liabilities. What does that mean for euro-area stocks?

Source: BCA Research


Japan: Japanese investors bought a lot of foreign bonds last week.

Source: The Daily Shot


The United StatesEven with the core CPI coming in above expectations, the market’s response to the inflation report remained subdued. The Fed is expected to keep the target rate unchanged this month, with about a 40% chance of a hike in November.

Source: The Daily Shot


Energy:  Crude oil prices continue to surge on expectations of tight supplies.

Source: The Daily Shot
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European natural gas prices rose 10% on Wednesday.

Source: The Daily Shot
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Equities: Will we see a jump in VIX as the economy slows?

Source: Goldman Sachs; @WallStJesus


Emerging Markets: Argentina’s central bank held rates steady despite hyperinflation.

Source: The Daily Shot
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Food for Thought: Instacart’s IPO pricing is well below peak valuations.

Source: @chartrdaily

Edited by William Villacis

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