About the Daily Shot

The Daily Shot is a unique chart-based newsletter covering global macroeconomic and market trends. The newsletter, which started as an internal distribution at a multi-strategy credit hedge fund,  has been distributed via email daily since 2014. It is intended to be succinct, with no self-promoting narrative or personal opinions. The Daily Shot has quickly become a must-read among traders, risk managers, wealth advisors and institutional investors.

Financial services professionals are bombarded daily with reading materials from dozens of sources while facing increasingly limited time to absorb it all. Those who spend any time on the trading floor know how valuable each minute of the day is, with charts and pithy reports often developed to speed up comprehension and dissemination of information. The Daily Shot, which originated on the trading desk, takes a similar approach. While it takes a typical newsletter or a blogger half a dozen paragraphs to make a point, the Daily Shot does it with a chart and a brief commentary to clarify each development.

The universe of financial newsletters is vast. Many letters suggest trade ideas, tell investors to be bullish, bearish, or prepare for Armageddon, while others provide extremely in-depth analysis. Most incorporate the author’s (often highly biased) view. The Daily Shot, on the other hand, has no agenda, political or economic bias, or investment advice. Our emphasis is on objectivity – the charts and data speak for themselves.

The Daily Shot is not tied to any specific theme or market. We cover topics that are trending, surprising, and educational – from the latest European Central Bank decision to the cotton futures market in China. On a typical day, the Daily Shot could touch on dozens of markets and economies.