The Daily Shot Brief – September 13th, 2023



The United States: The NFIB small business sentiment index edged lower last month.

Source: The Daily Shot
Source: Reuters


The United Kingdom: It’s been warm in central England.

Source: @ScottDuncanWX


The Eurozone: Germany’s ZEW expectations index edged higher even as current conditions deteriorated.

Source: The Daily Shot


Commodities: Aluminum demand has been supported by the energy transition.

Source: @ANZ_Research


Equities: This chart shows the largest companies in the S&P 500 over time.

Source: Goldman Sachs; @dailychartbook


Credit: US banks’ loan-to-deposit ratio has resumed its climb.

Source: The Daily Shot


Food for Thought: Sports-league revenues:

Source: The Economist


Edited by Josh Oldmixon

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