The Daily Shot Brief – October 7th, 2022



The United States: Gasoline prices are going higher as inventories tumble.

Source: Daily Shot


The Eurozone: Import prices have been surging in Germany.

Source: Daily Shot


China: China’s consumption of coal is massive.

Source: Oxford Economics


Emerging Markets: Foreigners are pulling out of Turkey’s stocks after piling in a few weeks ago.

Source: Daily Shot


Equities: Let’s take a look at who owns the US stock market.

Source: Goldman Sachs; @SamRo


Global Developments: Container shipping costs are down sharply.

Source: Daily Shot


Food for Thought: Here’s an update on the control of Ukrainian territory.

Source: Bloomberg Read full article

Also, here’s the methane released from the sabotaged natural gas pipeline.

Source: @ESA_EO, @ghgsat


Edited by Alexander Bowers

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