The Daily Shot Brief – May 11th, 2021



Equities: Tech stocks have widened their underperformance, with the Nasdaq 100 losing over 4% in the last few days.

Source: Daily Shot
Source: Daily Shot


Credit: Banks have started easing lending standards for business credit this year.

Source: Federal Reserve Board


Rates: Market-based inflation expectations keep grinding higher.

Source: Daily Shot


However, the long end of the inflation swap curve remains relatively well anchored. The market expects the Fed to get inflation under control over the long run.

Source: Piper Sandler


Energy: Will the number of US gas rigs pick up as natural gas prices recover?

Source: Capital Economics


United Kingdom: Markets expect the BOE will be the next G10 central bank to turn hawkish.

Source: Morgan Stanley Research


Food For Thought: What is the Gulf Stream?

Source: @financialtimes Read full article

Edited by Devon Lall

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