The Daily Shot Brief – May 12th, 2021



United States: The job openings report provided further confirmation of the tightening labor market. Vacancies blew past market expectations.

Source: Daily Shot


The Beveridge curve has turned up, suggesting that many unemployed workers are not ready to return.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


United Kingdom: GBP/USD has been sensitive to yield moves.

Source: Morgan Stanley Research


Asia-Pacific: Will Australia lose its AAA rating as the fiscal situation deteriorates? CBA assigns a substantial probability to this outcome.

Source: CBA, @Scutty


Separately, Australian exports have been heavily dependent on iron ore.

Source: Moody’s Analytics


Commodities: China’s commodity exchanges have been trying to cool iron ore and steel prices but haven’t succeeded.

Source: South China Morning Post Read full article


Equities: In the late 1990s, it took several rate hikes to pop the Nasdaq bubble. There were several corrections on the way to the peak.

Source: Evercore ISI


Food For Thought: The role of governments in basic research:

Source: BCG, SIA Read full article

Edited by Devon Lall

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