The Daily Shot Brief – September 8th, 2023



The United States: Inflation is following the pattern we saw in previous spikes.

Source: Longview Economics


Europe: The Polish zloty tumbled after the central bank’s decisive rate cut.

Source: The Daily Shot


Emerging Markets: Economists continue to boost their forecasts for India’s business investment.

Source: The Daily Shot


Cryptocurrency: It has been a mixed week for cryptos, with BTC in the lead and Litecoin (LTC) underperforming top peers.

Source: FinViz


Commodities: Chicago cattle futures hit a record high amid growing demand for beef.

Source: The Daily Shot
Source: @WSJ


Equities: Equity sentiment is normalizing from bullish extremes

Source: Longview Economics


Food for Thought: Overqualified workers in advanced economies:

Source: @financialtimes


Edited by Josh Oldmixon

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