The Daily Shot Brief – September 20th, 2023



The United States: Shipping rates appear to be stabilizing as the freight recession eases.

Source: Cass Information Systems
Source: @business


The United Kingdom: This chart shows the lengths of economic expansions.

Source: Deutsche Bank Research


Europe: Norway’s inflation forecasts were also revised higher.

Source: The Daily Shot


Energy: WTI crude oil is trading above Deutsche Bank’s fair value estimate based on the dollar and global growth.

Source: Deutsche Bank Research


Equities: As the Fed pauses rate hikes, the stock market performance will depend on whether the US enters a recession.

Source: Simon White, Bloomberg Markets Live Blog


Rates: Unlike state and local governments, the US Treasury did not term out more of its debt, which is resulting in sharply higher interest expenses.

Source: Jack Ablin, Cresset Wealth Advisors


Food for Thought: Assets by generation:

Source: Visual Capitalist


Edited by Josh Oldmixon

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