The Daily Shot Brief – November 21st, 2023



Equities: Main US stock market indices are now in overbought territory.

Source: The Daily Shot


Rates: When will the Treasury curve inversion end? Here is a forecast from BofA.

Source: BofA Global Research; @MikeZaccardi


The United States: The index of leading economic indicators (LEI) has recorded its 19th consecutive monthly decline.

Source: The Daily Shot


The Eurozone: Risk premia in equities and corporate bonds remain resilient despite softer economic conditions.

Source: ECB
Source: ECB


Asia-Pacific: Asian currencies are surging (the second panel shows the Taiwan dollar).

Source: The Daily Shot


Emerging Markets: The markets cheered the defeat of the Peronist government in Argentina’s presidential election.

Source: The Daily Shot
Source: Reuters  Read full article


Food for Thought: Thanksgiving dinner inflation:

Source: @WSJ  Read full article

Edited by William Villacis

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