The Daily Shot Brief – November 21st, 2022

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The United States: Existing home sales were down almost 30% last month on a year-over-year basis.

Source: Daily Shot

More homeowners will be renting rather than selling their houses as homebuyer demand crashes.

Source: Capital Economics


Emerging Markets: It’s been a lost decade for Brazil.

Source: Goldman Sachs


Cryptocurrencies: Crypto remains under pressure.

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Source: Daily Shot

Coinbase’s debt price is nearing 50 cents on the dollar.

Source: Daily Shot


Equities: CEO sentiment points to deeper reductions in earnings.

Source: @paolocardena


Rates:  Banks now have substantial unrealized losses on their bond holdings.

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The Fed’s balance sheet is now down roughly $340 billion from the peak.

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Food for Thought:  Lastly, here’s a look at the past World Cup winners.

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