The Daily Shot Brief – May 9th, 2024



Europe: Riksbank cut rates for the first time since 2016, sending the krona lower.

Source: The Daily Shot
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Equities: VIX typically rises leading up to US elections and then declines

Source: Merrill Lynch


Credit: High-yield spreads appear too tight relative to Treasury market implied volatility.

Source: @TheTerminal, Bloomberg Finance L.P.


Commodities: Funds have been rotating between softs and grains, pushing the correlation deeper into negative territory.

Source: The Daily Shot


China: China’s real estate slump mirrors the US GFC experience.

Source: @SteveRattner


Emerging Markets: Argentina’s recession deepens, with industrial production and construction activity down year-over-year.

Source: The Daily Shot
Source: The Daily Shot
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Food for Thought: Comparison of wage growth for union and non-union workers in the private sector:

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