The Daily Shot Brief – March 27th, 2024



The United States: The Richmond Fed’s manufacturing index continues to indicate a slump in factory activity in the region.

Source: The Daily Shot


The United Kingdom: Housing indicators continue to signal a rebound in home prices

Source: Pantheon Macroeconomics


Europe: Here is a look at job openings across the EU.

Source: Eurostat


Cryptocurrency: Realized profits among long-term bitcoin holders approached peak levels last seen in 2021. This could encourage minor profit-taking around resistance levels.

Source: @glassnode


Commodities: Here is a look at how rate cuts impact commodity markets in a nonrecessionary environment.

Source: Goldman Sachs; @dailychartbook


Equities: Tech insiders have been selling.

Source: @financialtimes


Food for Thought: Trends in smoking prevalence in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand:

Source: The Economist


Edited by Josh Oldmixon

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