The Daily Shot Brief – June 17th, 2022



The United States:  Manufacturing activity at the national level is probably in contraction mode.

Source: @OrenKlachkin

Also, it’s only a matter of time before unemployment applications start picking up as labor demand slows.

Source: TS Lombard


China: Lockdowns have resulted in a fiscal shock.

Source: Gavekal Research


Cryptocurrency: Retail investors have been providing liquidity to institutions dumping crypto-linked stocks and ETFs.

Source: Vanda Research


Equities: The Philly Fed’s manufacturing report points to severe deterioration in corporate earnings ahead.

Source: @MikaelSarwe

Next, the S&P 600’s forward P/E is at its lowest since the financial crisis. This index covers the small cap range of American stocks.

Source: Daily Shot


Global Developments: Corporate margins remain elevated. Analysts expect them to move much lower going forward.

Source: TS Lombard


Food for Thought: Lastly, let’s look at the share of workers earning less than two-thirds of median earnings across different countries.

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