The Daily Shot Brief – February 6th, 2024



The United States: In the housing market, asking and sale prices are at record highs for this time of the year.

Source: Redfin


China: Stocks jumped after China’s sovereign fund promised to buy more equity ETFs. Beijing’s stock market bailout is in full swing.

Source: The Daily Shot
Source: The Straits Times  Read full article


The United Kingdom: London’s IPO activity has weakened over the past two years as more British companies decided to list in New York or elsewhere in Europe.

Source: PitchBook


Equities:  In a historical context, the current bull market has shown relatively modest strength.

Source: Truist Advisory Services


Cryptocurrency: Crypto funds saw large inflows last week led by newly listed US spot-BTC products.

Source: CoinShares  Read full article


Credit: A declining number of banks are imposing stricter standards on business loans, yet demand continues to be weak.

Source: Federal Reserve Board


Commodities: Physical gold deliveries have trended lower in recent years, possibly because investors and governments have chosen to hoard gold as geopolitical risks increased.

Source: Longview Economics


Food for Thought: Expanded seabed claims:

Source: @opinion, @liamdenning  Read full article

Edited by William Villacis

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