The Daily Shot Brief – December 15th, 2021



United States: Physical store sales surged this year, with gains outpacing online stores.

Source: Deutsche Bank Research


Canada: Household leverage is now substantially higher than in the US. One caveat is that Canada’s disposable income is more “disposable” than that of US households (due to healthcare expenses in the US).

Source: @RichardDias_CFA


United Kingdom: Business closures accelerated this year.

Source: ONS Read full article


Emerging Markets: Chile’s central bank hiked rates by 125 bps as inflation strengthens.

Source: Daily Shot


Cryptocurrency: 90% of bitcoin’s 21 million available coins have been mined.

Source: @glassnode


Food for Thought: Share of SUVs in total passenger car sales:

Source: International Energy Agency

Edited by Devon Lall

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