The Daily Shot Brief – December 14th, 2021



United States: One-year consumer inflation expectations continue to surge, but the three-year indicator seems to have peaked.

Source: NY Fed


Households expect to boost their spending substantially next year.

Source: NY Fed


United Kingdom: The odds of a BoE rate hike this year have collapsed below 20% amid omicron jitters.

Source: Bloomberg


In contrast, the Fed is becoming more hawkish, putting downward pressure on the pound.

Source: Pantheon Macroeconomics


Eurozone: Natural gas prices hit a record high, …

Source: Daily Shot
Source: @financialtimes Read full article


… and so are German power prices (one year out). These trends will feed into producer and consumer prices in the months ahead.

Source: Bloomberg


China: The developer credit crisis continues to spook investors.

Shimao’s bonds tumbled as JPMorgan flagged liquidity concerns.

Source: South China Morning Post Read full article
Source: Bloomberg


Commodities: Production of key minerals is concentrated in a handful of countries.

Source: US Geological Survey


This chart shows China’s and the US’s net reliance on various key minerals, color-coded by country-level concentration (measured by the Herfindahl index).

Source: US Geological Survey


Food for Thought: Changes in state voting rights:

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