The Daily Shot Brief – August 7th, 2020

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Lev Borodovsky
Editor, The Daily Shot


United States: The trajectory of US unemployment will determine the number of evictions (which are expected to peak in October).

Source: The Aspen Institute


China: Exports have been robust, boosting China’s trade surplus to multi-year highs.

Source: Daily Shot


But the rebound in exports has been uneven across sectors.

Source: Gavekal


Equities: Downside volatility is at the lowest levels of the year.

Source: @ISABELNET_SA, @MorganStanley


Credit: The biggest weekly flows into corporate bond and loan funds have occurred this year.

Source: @lisaabramowicz1, @skyler_rossi, @theterminal


Rates: The chaos in the Treasury market at the start of the crisis had little to do with hedge funds (despite some media reports). It was all about foreign corporations, governments, and central banks selling US debt to raise liquidity.

Source: @adam_tooze, Brookings Read full article


Food For Thought: New York City subway ridership:

Source: Deutsche Bank Research

Edited by Devon Lall

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