The Daily Shot Brief – August 4th, 2020


United States: Trucking loads have rebounded sharply but appear to be moderating.

Source: Morgan Stanley Research


School and daycare closings will create a substantial drag on the nation’s GDP growth.

Source: Arbor Research & Trading


Eurozone: Spain’s second wave appears to be less deadly.

Source: Gavekal


China: Americans increasingly have an unfavorable view of China.

Source: Pew Research Center Read full article


Emerging Markets: Argentina’s demand for the US dollar spiked.

Source: @markets Read full article


Will we see a debt restructuring deal soon?

Source: @markets Read full article


Equities: Investment-grade debt yield has converged with the S&P 500 dividend yield for the first time.

Source: @lisaabramowicz1, @TheOneDave


Food For Thought: Teens’ use of social media platforms:

Source: Statista

Edited by Devon Lall

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