The Daily Shot Brief – August 5th, 2020


United States: Credit card delinquencies have been relatively low in recent months.

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Credit/debit card spending has been flat since mid-June and remains more than 10% below last year’s levels.

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China: China was the world’s third-largest source of foreign investment during the 2016-19 period, according to ANZ.

Source: ANZ Research


Emerging Markets: Turkey’s funding markets are under stress, with the overnight borrowing costs soaring.

Source: @IceCapGlobal


Sovereign credit default swap spreads are elevated relative to other EM economies.

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And the stock market has rolled over.

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Commodities: US corn prices have fallen – despite higher purchases from China which is experiencing rising corn prices (2nd chart).

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Important to note, the US-China deal review is coming up.

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Equities: There have been quite a few ETN liquidations this year.

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Food For Thought: Flexible options for employees:

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Edited by Devon Lall

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