The Daily Shot Brief – May 6th, 2022



United States: Sentiment among higher-earning Americans tumbled in recent weeks but is holding steady among those making under $50k. This trend does not bode well for consumer spending.

Source: BofA Global Research; @SamRo


United Kingdom: The BoE hiked rates again but struck a cautious tone. The central bank sees stagflation setting in.

Source: Daily Shot
Source: Reuters Read full article


Emerging Markets: Turkey’s CPI hit 70%.

Source: Daily Shot


Energy: The number of newly approved drilling permits has increased to record high levels, which typically leads production by six-to-twelve months.

Source: Longview Economics


Equities: Next, let’s take a look at how institutional investors are allocated across sectors vs. long-term averages

Source: Evercore ISI Research


Also, here are the year-to-date returns by asset class.

Source: Mizuho Securities USA


Food for Thought: The decline in middle-class income share.

Source: Pew Research Center Read full article


Edited by Alexander Bowers

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