The Daily Shot Brief – July 23rd, 2021




United States: Initial jobless claims remain stubbornly high relative to pre-pandemic levels.

Source: @GregDaco, @OxfordEconomics


Eurozone: The ECB slightly adjusted its forward guidance based on the new strategy. The central bank is now even more dovish, with tapering unlikely to be announced this quarter.

Source: CNBC Read full article


The statement language was shorter and more direct.

Source: Danske Bank


China: Lower trade policy uncertainty has been a positive for the renminbi.

Source: ANZ Research


Commodities: Coffee futures soared in response to the situation in Brazil

Source: Reuters Read full article
Source: Daily Shot


Equities: Buyback activity has been recovering this year.

Source: @ISABELNET_SA, @jpmorgan


Food for Thought: Opposition to Tokyo Olympics:

Source: Statista

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