The Daily Shot Brief – February 25th, 2021



United States: As Treasury yields climb, a rise in the 30-year mortgage rate could weigh on housing activity.

Source: BCA Research

Loan applications to purchase a home declined last week.

Source: The Daily Shot


Eurozone: Economic expectations are rebounding, which could benefit EUR/USD.

Source: Alpine Macro


Commodities: Industrial metals keep climbing. Here’s US copper (highest since 2011):

Source: The Daily Shot

Steel futures in China:

Source: The Daily Shot


Equities: Some models suggest that given current valuations, long-term S&P 500 performance will be negative.

Source: @hussmanjp


Rates: According to Alpine Macro, the 10yr Treasury yield has yet to return to “fair value.”

Source: Alpine Macro


Food For Thought: Pandemic-induced anxiety and depression:

Source: Statista

Edited by Daniel Moskovits

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