The Daily Shot Brief – February 18th, 2021



United States: The FOMC minutes show that the central bank remains dovish despite signs of stronger growth and higher inflation.

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The market now expects liftoff in 2023 …

Source: Oxford Economics

… as Treasury yields climb.

Source: Alpine Macro


United Kingdom: The rapid pace of vaccinations in the UK gave the pound a lift.

Source: @ritvikcarvalho


China: The CSI 300 stock benchmark is approaching the high reached in 2007.

Source: @DavidInglesTV


Energy: The polar vortex (see overview) …

Source: NASA

… sent Texas temperatures to the lowest level in almost a century.

Source: @chartrdaily


Equities: A lower US dollar points to a decline in the S&P 500 price-to-earnings ratio this year (which could mean either rising earnings or falling prices).

Source: Variant Perception


Food For Thought: The minimum wage at the federal vs. state levels:

Source: Hugo Ste-Marie, Portfolio & Quantitative Strategy Global Equity Research, Scotia Capital

Edited by Daniel Moskovits

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