The Daily Shot Brief – July 14th, 2020



United States: The 2020 federal deficit is rapidly approaching $3 trillion after the biggest monthly increase on record in June (see story).

Source: The Daily Shot


Here is the IMF’s latest GDP projection for the EU.

Source: IMF; Read full article


China: Foreign investors are increasingly buying Chinese government debt for safety and yield.

Source: @WSJ; Read full article
Source: @WSJ; Read full article


Equities: Analysts’ earnings estimates are all over the place.

Source: @WSJ; Read full article


Global Developments: Cross-asset volatility subsided from the March highs but remains elevated relative to one year ago.

Source: SPDR Americas Research, @mattbartolini


Food For Thought: New York City subway ridership:

Source: @LizAnnSonders, @biancoresearch, @MTA, @Bloomberg

Edited by Daniel Moskovits

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