The Daily Shot Brief – September 28th, 2021



Energy: US frac spread count picked up momentum as prices surge.

Source: Bloomberg


Equities: Rate-sensitive stocks such as utilities and REITs sold off.

Source: Daily Shot
Source: Daily Shot


Commodities: Commodity ETFs are seeing outflows after months of massive inflows.

Source: Arbor Research & Trading


Cryptocurrency: Some traders have piled into DeFi tokens in the wake of China’s crypto ban.

Source: CoinDesk Read full article


By the way, Uniswap is being investigated by the SEC. DeFi is not spared from regulatory crackdowns.

Source: @WSJ Read full article


China: Credit risks in the property market are not limited to Evergrande.

Source: @WSJ Read full article
Source: Bloomberg


The nation’s property market is massive.

Source: Goldman Sachs; James W.


Food for Thought: The number of global disasters, disaster-related deaths, and related economic loss:

Source: World Meteorological Organization Read full article

Edited by Devon Lall

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