The Daily Shot Brief – September 25th, 2020


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United States: Bloomberg’s report shows that Americans are much more upbeat about personal finances than the state of the economy.

Source: @TheTerminal, Bloomberg Finance L.P.


There is a divergence between retail sales and consumer confidence.

Source: Moody’s Analytics


United Kingdom: Analysts are skeptical about the latest job support scheme from the government.

 While the new program is relatively inexpensive, …

Source: @financialtimes Read full article
Source: @financialtimes Read full article


 … it relies on employers contributing to the scheme.

Source: Pantheon Macroeconomics


Why would companies pay part-time employees for hours they don’t work when they can hire full-time workers?


Emerging Markets: Turkey’s central bank surprised the markets with a massive rate hike to defend the lira.

Source: Daily Shot
Source: @financialtimes Read full article


The central bank has been spending a tremendous amount of F/X reserves to defend the currency, but it can’t afford to do so for much longer as reserves dwindle (without boosting the lira). So it opted for a rate hike instead.

Source: Goldman Sachs


Credit: Commercial real estate mortgages that are 90+ days past due have been rising.

Source: S&P Global Ratings


Many retail properties have been struggling, and some are never coming back.

Source: @adam_tooze, @bbgvisualdata Read full article


Rates: Recently, we’ve been getting conflicting messages from key Fed officials.

Source: @TCosterg


Food For Thought: Business loan fraud in the US:

Source: @business Read full article

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