The Daily Shot Brief – September 13th, 2021



United States: The betting markets increasingly expect a corporate tax hike.

Source: @PredictIt
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Europe: Some nations want the EU to focus on debt reduction again (after the budget rules were suspended in 2020).

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Cryptocurrency: Did El Salvador’s move add legitimacy to cryptos?

Source: @CivicScience

It certainly didn’t help the nation’s bonds.

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Energy: Total US crude oil in storage continues to fall.

Source: @HFI_Research


Equities: Earnings per share estimates have been rising at a historic rate …

Source: Cornerstone Macro

… while price-to-earnings have been range-bound this year.

Source: Cornerstone Macro


Food for Thought: Global workers earning less than two-thirds of the median:

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Edited by Daniel Moskovits

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