The Daily Shot Brief – October 4th, 2021



United States: The Treasury market continues to show investors’ unease with the debt ceiling situation (potential risk of default). The X-Date is expected to hit later this month.

Source: The Daily Shot

Here is the T-bill yield curve.

Source: Goldman Sachs

Some are calling for the US Treasury to issue a trillion-dollar coin and deposit it at the Fed, which would certainly “avoid” default (MMT on steroids).

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Eurozone: Hedge funds are boosting their bets against the euro.

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China: Power rationing is now widespread.

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Rates: Treasuries are headed for their first annual loss since 2014.

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Global Developments: Higher oil prices will put downward pressure on global GDP.

Source: Nordea Markets


Food for Thought: Are long-term interest rates at 5,000-year lows?


Edited by Daniel Moskovits

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