The Daily Shot Brief – October 26th, 2017



The United States: There is still a great deal of speculation about who will be Trump’s pick for the next Fed chair. John Taylor’s odds have risen significantly in the betting markets.

Source: @PredictIt

This recent interview with John Taylor (just takes a few minutes) suggests that he will advocate for a higher natural rate. And that would result in a steeper/longer tightening cycle. Taylor’s nomination could, therefore, send some jitters through the markets.

Source: Capital Economics


The Eurozone: Euro area bankers expect a pickup in loan demand.

Source: @MxSba; Read full article


Emerging Markets: South Africa is turning into a “banana republic,” as the government’s debt forecasts unexpectedly shot higher.

Source: @bpolitics; Read full article


Equity Markets: ETF inflows have been one of the reasons for the persistent market rally.

Source: Credit Suisse


Credit: High-yield spreads have diverged from a corporate bank lending index shown below (loan demand minus tightening lending standards).

Source: Variant Perception; Read full article


Bitcoin: We’ve had a few cryptocurrency hedge funds launching this year.

Source: @acemaxx, @technology, @josephncohen; Read full article


United Kingdom: The number of hedge fund startups in the UK has collapsed. Established asset management firms are loving this because they will be facing less competition in fundraising.

Source: @valuewalk, @josephncohen


Food for Thought: The racial/ethnic makeup of MLB players over time.

Source: @voxdotcom; Read full article

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