The Daily Shot Brief – October 14th, 2019



The United States: Is the auto industry facing a glut of used cars?

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Canada: Scotiabank says that despite an all-time high household debt-service ratio and a near-record ratio of debt to personal disposable incomes, Canadians are still responding to lower market interest rates and strong labor markets by borrowing more.

Source: Scotiabank Economics

Trade activity shows signs of strain, with both imports and exports down more than expected.

Source: The Daily Shot


Emerging Markets: Changes in China’s domestic policies have been a significant driver of emerging market growth cycles.

Source: Goldman Sachs


Credit: Does higher volatility in interest rates signal wider high-yield spreads? (High-yield credit spreads refers to the percentage difference in yield of high-yield bonds compared against Treasury bonds according to Investopedia)

Source: Quill Intelligence


What about lower oil prices? (OAS stands for Option-Adjusted Spread which means the spread between the bond’s rate and the risk-free rate, usually 10 year Treasury note, according to Investopedia)

Source: @Not_Jim_Cramer


Rates: The Fed announced that it will begin buying $60 billion of T-bills per month to boost reserves. The goal is to prevent another liquidity squeeze (Meaning there is not enough cash that banks are willing to lend to each other on a short-term basis). In the meantime, the central bank will continue providing repo financing (Read more about it here) to the market.

Source: The Federal Reserve; Read full article


Food for Thought: Recorded-music industry revenue:

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Edited by Devon Lall

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