The Daily Shot Brief – November 8th, 2022

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The Eurozone: To begin, the Eurozone economy is facing a growing list of problems.

Source: BCA Research


Below is the breakdown of the euro-area current account balance.

Source: Arcano Economics


The United States: In the housing market, the surge in mortgage rates suggests that home prices will see year-over-year declines at the national level.

Source: Industrial Alliance Investment Management


Equities:  The current equity risk premium points to weak long-term market performance relative to Treasuries.

Source: Truist Advisory Services


Japan: Currency hedging made all the difference for USD investors in Japanese shares.

Source: @WSJ  Read full article


Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin’s realized volatility continues to trend lower.

Source: @The Terminal, Bloomberg Finance L.P.


Commodities: Coffee futures continue to sink.

Source: Reuters  Read full article
Source: The Daily Shot


Food for Thought: To conclude today’s brief, here are midterm election megadonors:

Source: Visual Capitalist

Edited by William Villacis

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