The Daily Shot Brief – November 23rd, 2022

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The United States: Home purchases by investors declined sharply last quarter.

Source: Redfin


The Eurozone: Are European stocks about to outperform?

Source: Simon White, Bloomberg Markets Live Blog


China: Demand for call options on the largest US-based equity ETF has been surging.

Source: @financialtimes Read full article


Cryptocurrency: Here is a look at crypto performance following the FTX implosion.

Source: @Delphi_Digital


Commodities: Graphite prices are climbing.

Source: @financialtimes Read full article


Energy: Gazprom is threatening to cut the remaining natural gas deliveries to Europe via Ukraine.

Source: Daily Shot

European natural gas prices jumped.

Source: Daily Shot


Equities: Consumer discretionary stocks are widening their underperformance. The market is increasingly concerned about US households cutting back on discretionary spending.

Source: Daily Shot


Food for Thought:  Trade as a share of GDP vs. income inequality.

Source: @financialtimes Read full article


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