The Daily Shot Brief – November 22nd, 2022

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The United States: These charts show CPI components by inflation rate for the US and the Eurozone. Is there more disinflation ahead for the US?

Source: IIF


Europe: European assets bounced relative to the US, partly because of the weaker dollar.

Source: MRB Partners


Global Developments: Fund managers increasingly view the US dollar as overvalued, boosting their bets against the greenback.

Source: BofA Global Research


Equities: Will the pace of earnings downgrades ease as economic surprises turn positive?

Source: Deutsche Bank Research


Asia – Pacific: A weak yen should be a tailwind for Japan’s stocks.

Source: Alpine Macro


Emerging Markets: The market is pricing sharp rate cuts ahead for Chile as recession looms.

Source: @business, @Sebaboyd, @ValentinaKaryme  Read full article


Food for Thought:  Here is the search volume for plant-based milk alternatives:

Source: @chartdaily

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