The Daily Shot Brief – November 19th, 2019



Equities: US stock market volatility continues to moderate amid signs of investor complacency.

– The S&P 500 daily trading range:

Source: The Daily Shot


Speculative accounts are pressing their short VIX bets. (VIX is a measure of the market’s expectations for volatility)

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Additionally, the S&P 500 climbed last week, but the 5-year Treasury yield responded with only a 2 basis point increase off its low. Stock and bond investors’ views on market risk have diverged.

Source: FTN Financial


Credit: The US investment-grade market quality has been deteriorating since the recession, as lower-rated debt issuance dominates.

Source: Moody’s Analytics


China: Uncertainty remains elevated.

Source: Nordea Markets


The United States: The US has been supporting global growth through the recent slowdown. It appears that a rebound in the world economy will soon become a tailwind for the US.

Source: Morgan Stanley Research


Global Developments: JP Morgan’s populist sentiment index is rising again, driven by the runup to the 2020 US election.

Source: JP Morgan


Food for Thought: Nations most indebted to China:

Source: Statista

Edited by Devon Lall

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