The Daily Shot Brief – May 27th, 2022



United States: To start, the pace of moderation in core inflation will depend on corporate margins.

Source: Pantheon Macroeconomics


China: China announced an easing of lending requirements for homebuyers. Due to a sharp rise in the banks’ NPL ratios with developer loans, however, this may not translate into an effective stimulus for the Chinese economy.

Source: Fitch Ratings


Canada:  Companies see higher price increases ahead, according to the CFIB.

Source: Scotiabank Economics


Energy: US natural gas prices have been strengthening.

Source: The Daily Shot
Source: @WSJ  Read full article


Meanwhile, LNG exports are surging as U.S. inventories hold near the low end of the 5-year range.

Source: @WSJ  Read full article


Alternatives: Private equity activity has been relatively strong so far this year, despite the headwinds.

Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence


Food for Thought: To conclude, here is growth in economic output by generation:

Source: The Washington Post  Read full article

Edited by William Villacis

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