The Daily Shot Brief – March 30th, 2021



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United States: Here is a summary of price indices for all the regional manufacturing reports.

Source: Yardeni Research


The spread between indices of prices paid and prices charged keeps widening. Without further boosting output prices, some manufacturers could face margin pressures.

Source: Yardeni Research


Europe: Italy’s debt-to-GDP ratio rose sharply over the past year.

Source: @bpolitics Read full article


And more increases are on the way.

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Equities: The Archegos Capital situation put some pressure on bank shares.

Source: Daily Shot


Call option volume continues to moderate.

Source: Bloomberg


Rates: Overnight repo rates are trading near (or below) zero. Will the SOFR index hit zero as well?

Source: Bloomberg


Credit: Median high-yield company leverage is now at pre-COVID levels. But enterprise multiples are elevated.

Source: CreditSights


Food For Thought: Ideological composition of Iran’s parliament:

Source: BCA Research

Edited by Devon Lall

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