The Daily Shot Brief – March 26th, 2021



Canada: Just like in the US, residential investment surged last year.

Source: @WSJ Read full article


Eurozone: Households are sitting on massive savings.

Source: Pantheon Macroeconomics


This chart shows the contributions to investment since 2005.

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China: State-owned firms have cut back their borrowing.

Source: China Beige Book


Onshore corporate bond defaults surged this year.

Source: @MollyDai, @TheTerminal, Bloomberg Finance L.P.


Cryptocurrency: The largest Bitcoin fund is trading at a substantial discount to NAV.

Source: Bloomberg Read full article


Here is JP Morgan’s Bitcoin positioning proxy.

Source: JP Morgan; @themarketear


Commodities: Gold ETF volatility is breaking down.

Source: Longview Economics


Wheat remains under pressure.

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Source: Daily Shot


Food For Thought: The Suez Canal situation:

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Edited by Devon Lall

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