The Daily Shot Brief – March 24th, 2021



United States: Unlike other survey-based indicators, the World Economics SMI points to lackluster growth in US business activity.

Source: World Economics


United Kingdom: This chart shows the composition of UK consumer spending.

Source: Morgan Stanley Research


Asia-Pacific: New Zealand’s government is taking measures to cool the housing market.

Source: Bloomberg Read full article


As a result, the RBNZ is expected to be less hawkish, which sent the Kiwi dollar and bond yields sharply lower.

Source: Daily Shot


Emerging Markets: Brazil’s health situation continues to deteriorate.

Source: Reuters Read full article
Source: Daily Shot


Consumer confidence slumped.

Source: Daily Shot


Equities: Call options volume is off the highs.

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QQQ (Nasdaq 100 ETF) saw a massive inflow this week.

Source: Daily Shot


Food For Thought: DC statehood proposal:

Source: @WSJ Read full article

Edited by Devon Lall

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