The Daily Shot Brief – March 16th, 2021



United Kingdom: The market is now pricing in a rate hike within a couple of years.

Source: ING


Port activity has rebounded.

Source: Huq


Eurozone: EUR 10-year rates have followed the initial USD move until the ECB kicked off verbal “intervention” last month. Since then, the 10-year real rates have declined.

Source: Nordea Markets


China: Here is a summary of economic targets from the People’s Congress.

Source: Alpine Macro


Energy: The Brent curve has moved into deep backwardation, back to January 2020 levels.

Source: Longview Economics


There is no shortage of oil. Spare production capacity within OPEC is close to record levels.

Source: Longview Economics


Alternatives: More than two-thirds of all US buyout deals were priced above 11x EBITDA (reflecting rich public valuations). High deal multiples are putting added pressure on general partners to produce growth, according to Bain.

Source: Bain & Company


Next, we have gender and racial diversity data for private equity.

Source: McKinsey & Company Read full article


Food For Thought: Short-term rental demand (e.g., Airbnb):

Source: AirDNA Read full article

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