The Daily Shot Brief – June 6th, 2022



The United States: The jobs market held up better than expected in May.

Source: Daily Shot

Also, prime-age labor force participation continues to rebound, which should ease wage pressures as more Americans return to work.

Source: Daily Shot


The Eurozone: The gap between consumer and business confidence hit a record high this year.

Source: Macrobond


China: The stock market is rebounding as foreign investors return.

Source: Daily Shot


Commodities:  The slowdown of China’s economic activity points to lower demand for commodities.

Source: Numera Analytics


Equities: What were the drivers of this year’s selloff.

Source: UBS Research; @SamRo


Food for Thought: Lastly, let’s take a look at US exports of goods by state.

Source: Visual Capitalist Read full article


Edited by Alexander Bowers

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