The Daily Shot Brief – June 2nd, 2021



United States: Economists were surprised by the intensity of the pandemic recovery price gains. The Citi Inflation Surprise Index hit a record high.

Source: Citi


A majority of inflation gains in the April CPI report came from flexible prices, not sticky prices, which tend to move more slowly.

Source: Morgan Stanley Research


Canada: Unlike the US, Canada did not experience a spike in mortgage delinquencies during the pandemic.

Source: Scotiabank Economics


Eurozone: Energy drove most of the year-over-year increases in the headline CPI.

Source: Pantheon Macroeconomics


Equities: Many SPACs will be forced to buy overpriced companies before hitting their deadlines (to return cash to investors).

Source: @jessefelder, @WSJ Read full article


Rates: The bond market still doesn’t expect high inflation to persist for very long. The Fed’s QE also contributes to lower yields.

Source: @MikaelSarwe


Food for Thought: Types of economics papers:

Source: @maximananyev

Edited by Richard Holmes

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