The Daily Shot Brief – June 10th, 2022



The Eurozone: First, the ECB struck a hawkish tone, confirming the start of its first rate-hiking cycle since 2011.

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The July rate increase is now expected to be 25 bps (a more cautious start).

Source: The Daily Shot


The market now expects the ECB to deliver nearly 150 bps worth of hikes by the end of the year.

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The United States: Initial jobless claims remain near multi-year lows.

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China: Mainland stocks continue to rebound, driven by foreign inflows.

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Commodities: US soybean futures are hitting new highs amid robust foreign demand.

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Equities: Further valuation pullbacks are likely if inflation continues to surprise to the upside.

Source: TS Lombard


“Long-duration” stocks (such as growth companies) are vulnerable to rising rates.

Source: Trahan Macro Research


Food for Thought: Lastly, here are expected changes in the level of influence wielded by labor unions:

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