The Daily Shot Brief – July 9th, 2020



Global Developments: Despite the recent bounce, inflation swap markets still expect the CPI to remain subdued for years to come.

Source: BCA Research


United States: Credit card borrowing declined sharply this year. Households cut back spending while the government offered generous support.

Source: Oxford Economics

In the first quarter, Northeast states saw a sharper GDP contraction than the rest of the country.

Source: @LizAnnSonders, @BEA_News, @bloomberg


Eurozone: This chart shows ECB asset purchases.

Source: @financialtimes; Read full article


Equities: The biggest companies by market cap are the most expensive and have the highest returns this year.

Source: @awealthofcs; Read full article


Rates: The US government just auctioned off the 10-year Treasury notes at a record low yield.

Source: @lisaabramowicz1

The market is not concerned about massive deficits.

Source: Goldman Sachs


Food For Thought: The world’s worst coronavirus outbreaks:

Source: The New York Times; Read full article

Edited by Daniel Moskovits

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