The Daily Shot Brief – July 2nd, 2024



The United States: The Treasury curve has been steepening in recent days due to resurfacing concerns about the US fiscal outlook.

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The Eurozone: The ECB is on pause this month but is expected to cut rates again in September and December.

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Japan: What is the options-implied probability of USD/JPY breaching 170 in 3 and 6 months?

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Equities: The divergence between index prices and breadth could be signaling a pullback.

Source: BofA Global Research  


Credit: Coupons paid to CLO investors continue to dwindle – a possible result of the surge in new issuance over the past quarter.

Source: PitchBook  


Global Developments: What percentage of central banks will be in easing mode by the end of the year?

Source: BofA Global Research  
Source: JP Morgan Research; @WallStJesus  


Food for Thought: Reported incidents and hazards from generative AI:

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Edited by William Villacis

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