The Daily Shot Brief – July 29th, 2022



The United States: The second-quarter GDP report surprised to the downside, with the US entering a technical recession.

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The nominal GDP continues to surge, but inflation is taking a toll.

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Market expectations for the year-end fed funds rate dipped further.

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Japan: The yen is rebounding as this chart shows the US dollar is becoming weaker against the yen.

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Commodities: Here are the top three producing countries for each key mineral.

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Equities: Mega-cap earnings are taking a hit, but the results are not as disastrous as some had feared. And investors are willing to look beyond the current pain. Amazon and Apple shares jumped after the close.

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Food for Thought: Let’s take a look at the US real minimum wage.

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Also, here’s a look at different countries who rely on nuclear power for electricity generation.

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Edited by Alexander Bowers

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