The Daily Shot Brief – July 28th, 2022



The United States: As expected, the Fed raised rates by 75 bps. However, the market interpreted Powell’s comments as being a bit on the dovish side, with rising hope that economic slowdown will force the Fed to pause rate hikes after September’s meeting.

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Inflation expectations jumped in response to the supposedly “friendlier” Federal Reserve.

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Emerging Markets: Is Pakistan headed for default? The sovereign credit default swap spread has blown out.

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Commodities: Bloomberg’s broad commodity index is rebounding as the US dollar rally stalls.

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Equities: Growth stocks underperform value and cyclical stocks when commodity prices are rising.

Source: Alpine Macro

Options on VIX have been getting cheaper as investors give up bets on big shifts in volatility.

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Global Developments: The World Economics SMI report points to a contraction in global business activity this month.

Source: World Economics


Food for Thought: Let’s take a look at global plastic waste by category.

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Edited by Alexander Bowers

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