The Daily Shot Brief – July 22nd, 2020



Equities: Half the stocks in the S&P 500 are lagging the index by over 10%. Only 22% of the members are outperforming by more than 10%. Such divergence is highly unusual.

Source: Hugo Ste-Marie, Portfolio & Quantitative Strategy Global Equity Research, Scotia Capital


Alternatives: SPACs have been popular in recent years, with demand ratcheting up in 2020.

Source: @WSJ; Read full article

Here are the annualized returns for alternative investments (including art) since 1985.

Source: @WSJ; Read full article


Credit: The pipeline of potential downgrades from investment-grade to junk remains elevated.

Source: S&P Global Ratings, @lisaabramowicz1


China: Given the nation’s GDP per capita, China’s high-tech sector is quite large.

Source: @adam_tooze, IMF; Read full article


United States: At the national level, the World Economics SMI report still shows business activity in contraction territory.

Source: World Economics


Food For Thought: US Supreme Court justices favorability ratings:

Source: YouGov; Read full article

Edited by Daniel Moskovits

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