The Daily Shot Brief – July 21st, 2021




United States: Longer-dated market-based inflation expectations have been moderating, …

Source: BCA Research


… as the market accepts the “transient” theme.

Source: Fitch Solutions Macro Research


Eurozone: This chart shows the relative importance of service exports by country.

Source: Pantheon Macroeconomics


Asia-Pacific: Inflation in EM Asia countries appears relatively tame. Fitch Solutions expects inflation rates to recede through the second half of this year, which should dampen some headwinds from currency depreciation.

Source: Fitch Solutions Macro Research


Cryptocurrencies: The US Senate is set to investigate crypto’s use in ransomware.

Source: CoinDesk Read full article


Alternatives: Inequality has risen in most big economies.

Source: Gavekal Research


Food for Thought: Supporting personal vs. corporate tax hikes:

Source: The Economist Read full article

Edited by Richard Holmes

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