The Daily Shot Brief – January 28th, 2021



Equities: GameStop’s market value hit $24 billion.

Source: The Daily Shot

As a demonstration of just how distorted the market has become, here is the share price of a relatively small Australian mining company called GME Resources. The good news for the miner is that it has the same ticker symbol as GameStop (but in Australia), and the retail crowd mistakenly rewarded it with a 20% up day.

Source: The Daily Shot

Call option volume hit a new record.

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Rates: With money markets flooded with liquidity, the 1-month T-Bill yield hit the lowest level since the pandemic crash.

Source: The Daily Shot


Energy: Crude oil and gasoline inventories are now within the five-year range.

Source: EIA


Eurozone: German consumer sentiment tumbled this month.

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United States: According to Morning Consult, US consumer sentiment is recovering.

Source: Morning Consult Read full article


Food For Thought: What has been going on with GameStop?

Source: @chartrdaily

Edited by Daniel Moskovits

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