The Daily Shot Brief – January 20th, 2023



The United States: Unemployment claims continue to signal tightness in the labor market. Initial applications for jobless benefits hit a multi-year low for this time of the year.

Source: The Daily Shot


Housing starts registered their first annual decline since 2009.

Source: @gutavsaraiva, @markets  Read full article


Europe: European stocks had a strong start to the year as fund flows turned positive.

Source: BofA Global Research


China: The housing market is primed for a bounce.

Source: Gavekal Research


Credit: Default probabilities have been rising in some sectors.

Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence


Energy: US oil stockpiles continue to rise.

Source: @EIAgov


US natural gas is nearing $3/mmbtu.

Source: The Daily Shot


Food for Thought: To end the week, here is the population of India’s states compared with different countries:

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Edited by William Villacis

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